Stage Magic

Jade will astound the audience with her charm and wizardry on stage. Depending on the stage set-up and budget, Jade can enchant an audience by herself or with a cast of 20.


Close-Up Magic

Sometimes referred to as “strolling magic” where Jade will add excitement and intrigue to any event by mingling with guests and perform mind-boggling magic up close! It’s a perfect icebreaker for a group of people that may not know each other, and a blast for those that are old friends!


"Jade is breaking the stereotypes that magic is a field that can only be dominated by men."

- Denise Sloan, Entertainment Editor

– Lake Tahoe Tribune

"Such artistry is rare in the showy art of magic."

- Moya Elmer

– Frisko Magazine

“Jade’s award-winning act… scores with the audience!”

- Jon Racherbaumer

– Magic Magazine

“Jade’s magic is presented with a beauty and grace rarely seen today.”

- Mel Shields

– Showtime Entertainment Guide

“The audience was mesmerized by you!”

- John Ludin, Executive Director

– The Ellen Theatre

"Jade creates an experience to be remembered for a long time to come."

- Daniel Barash

– Contemporary Jewish Museum

"Baffling, elegant, and exotic…Jade’s performance was fantastic!"

- Stan Sieler, Executive Vice President

– Allegro Consultants, Inc.